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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  February 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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county. it including a fully loaded bus, a box truck and more and one person is confirmed dead. you see smoke rising into the air there on the turnpike. it happened around 9:00 this evening. we have a live picture from the scene. you can see lights from the emergency vehicles. the pileup we can tell you is in the southbound lanes near exit 8. all southbound lanes are closed and it is just south of the mollly picture service area. this is a picture from social media. a witness very close to that scene. the cause of the crash right now is not immediately clear. the twitter user said that the roads were a skating rink. >> seven trucks a fully loaded
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bus, 15 vehicles all in the southbound lanes in middlesex county between exits 8 and 8a. there is a massive back up right now. we're going to keep monitoring the situation and bring you updates throughout this newscast. good evening to you. tonight's crash comes as we monitor icy roads throughout the region. >> sheena parveen has been tracking this dangerous freeze. i know you looked at the conditions in that area at the time of this crash. >> yes so cranbury township. you notice this pink color across i-95 in the same area. temperatures are 26 degrees at this time. this freezing rain had about 30
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minutes to fall. now with go until about 9:10 when the accident started to occur. i think it is a safe bet that weather at least played a bit of a factor in this crash. this is one concern we have been watching all night long. freezing rain and drizzle in the area at the time. any untreated services will be icy. locally we have areas of light snowfall through the poconos and the lehigh valley. we're also seeing light snow moving into parts of chester county newark and parts of lancaster county and a big area of precip around baltimore. temperatures are cold enough to support this in roadways. so through the area we're seeing temperatures in the 20s and we expect it to stay that way for the commute. it is moving into delaware and extreme south jersey.
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temperature side we will stay in the 20s so we expect icy spots for the morning commute. let's look at the next chance of snow coming up. >> dangerous out there. those conditions lead to school closings and delays for tomorrow. get instant notifications of when your school closes. you can find out on our nbc 10 mobile a. >> tonight, irs agents arrived at our station looking for the paperwork to follow up on our investigation. >> one of our viewers found tax documents lying in the street. now nbc 10 found that this could be the work of a wider scheme. >> denise, what have you found? >> reporter: we followed the paper trails and found that people's homes and businesses were being dragged right into it. >> a late night preparing tax
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returns for one man in his north philadelphia office. 20 people are also claiming he prepares for them. what appears to be fraudulent tax documents that a viewer found on the street. i showed him the name and he checked his database and could not find one. he is not sure how he or his business became a target. >> it's not fair. >> digging into the paperwork, we found names linked to the same addresses that appear to be fraudulently used. >> so five of the addresses on this income tax return coming back to this home in philadelphia. >> mr. martinez lives on a house in frankfurt and says he doesn't recognize any of the names. >> the same goes for an address in south philadelphia. >> no. >> mike falco is a former fbi
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agent that now works as a cpa. >> that is a red flag for sure. it is just -- that is typical fraud. also in these papers several copies of a three-page list of names, social security numbers, and names of children as young as four. those whose homes and businesses are affected are hoping the feds find whoever is behind it. >> i'm very upset that it is happening and i'm hoping that something can be done about it. >> we'll let you know what federal investigators discover. nbc 10 news. developing now, in less than an hour, the plan to sell atlantic city's former revel casino could be off. but the buyers attorney says he cannot close the deal by then
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because of uncertainty over the rights of former businesses that rented space at the casino. >> flames damaged six homes in will m wilmington tonight. one person was taken to the hospital with burns. another person was hospitalized because of the smoke. no word yet on how that fire started. from our lehigh valley bureau cows go running when a barn goes up in flames. it happened in allen township. the fire chief says the crew opened a lash and let the cows out. all of the animals survived. they say they're overworked and putting riders in danger. tomorrow septa rail engineers will voice their concerns to the feds. the union says many of them are working 14-hour days and 6 day
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weeks. septa says no safety issues have been noted where engineer fatigue was a factor. knew at 11:00 a bucks county high school coach resigns after allegely running a smear campaign. >> two of the victims are from nigeria and are two of our best basketball players. george spencer has more. >> reporter: it started getting national attention when it was picked up by "dead spin" over the weekend. two catholic basketball stars fighting for their good names. good names that were allegedly soiled by the coach at a rival catholic high school. >> even in a noisy gymnasium, you can tell there is something special about christina aboraha.
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develop basketball stars leading their team to a number one national ranking, allegedly smeared by this man. john gallagher, the girls basketball coach at rival archbishop wood. he allegedly spread rumors using a anonymous he mail saying they're older than they say, and they're in the united states illegally. amid the allegations, gallagher resigned today. >> it stood by the foreign stars saying any student from a foreign country playing on any sports team in an archdiocesan school would be of the appropriate age and in the country legally. >> those two girls are staying in the united states with their host parents that lives in
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manioch. two phone numbers went unanswered i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> newark place have charged a football player with assault. he turned himself into police yesterday. he is a defenseive back on the ud football team. one student had his front teeth knocked out and two others suffered minor injuries. >> an emotional night at millersville university as they held a vigil here for a student in our area called in what police now call a murder. >> tonight we're learning about her legacy and how officers say her boyfriend tried to cover up
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the crime. >> reporter: this is the first homicide to ever happen here on campus. the students are having a difficult time dealing with what happened. ♪ now i'm found ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of students came together to honor the life of one of their own. the candle light vigil took place a few hours after it was announced carly has was strangled and beaten inside her dorm room by her boyfriend. >> the memorial service for the 18-year-old freshman was somber. it was a fitting tribute for a young woman who friends say lived her life to the fullest and always enjoyed helping others. her streams were cut short when she was found dead in her dorm room on sunday morning. once they arrived, officers say that he who had blood all over
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his body and a cut to his forehead, was performing cpr on her. the district attorney says his story is not consistent with her autopsy. >> the injuries she suffered were far greater and more severe than a back hand slap and one push. she fought for her life. >> her classmates draped a black vail on their mascot in her memory. it sparks a conversation about domestic violence on campus. >> domestic abuse touches a lot of people's lives. >> now the suspect who was not a student here on campus is behind bars charged with homicide. isn't the meantime students with various organizations tell us they will be creating a fund to help carly's parent's with the funeral and that any money left overwill be donated to a woman's shelter and an animal
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shelter where carly volunteered. that is the latest, nbc 10 news. >> winter weather overnight will make your morning rush slick. >> if you own a pet, you need to hear this the virus that has the spca suspending adoption. new at 11:00, the 76ers are making a big announcement tomorrow. oo
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. back to the new jersey turn pike accident. more than 15 vehicles involved. we have our very first crew at that scene right now. you is see all of the emergency vehicles on hand. this pileup is in the southbound lanes near exit 8. all southbound lanes are closed
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and it will be a long time before this is cleared up tonight. switching to one of our traffic cameras, you can see the scene off in the distance there. we can tell you it is not immediately clear what aspect the weather played but we now how slick and icy those roads are. keith jones spent the evening in storm force 10. he has been checking out the icy conditions in the area. >> what are you seeing out there? all those hills always cause problems like this? >> it doesn't surprise us when we hear about these slick accidents. we have been driving for miles tonight. we're on main street in manioak right now. you have to be mindful of black ice. it might be easier to see the camera on the back of storm force 10.
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these streets, they're clear now but with temperatures this low, there will be ice, especially tomorrow. bag after bag, step by step back and forth. >> can you stay on your feet? >> mostly. >> jamiel hall would rather walk than drive because of siesy streets. >> i'm sliding here on the black top. here is our unofficial test. >> we have hills like this i wish it would go away. >>. >> we have four wheel drive so we're lucky, but i see a lot of people slipping and sliding. >> that is if you can leave your lot. >> you're stuck at the gas station, why? >> i cannot open my tank.
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>> the man as pressed the lever, and tried to open it by hand. >> you're waiting for the sun to come out? >> yeah i think so. >> back live here looking at our rear camera. it might be easier to see some of the slick spots again. there is black ice out here on area roads. crews are out salting the roads but you have to take extra care. we have bfr driving for miles, slow down out there. >> yeah seeing those pictures you realliment to stay off the roads tonight if you can avoid it. >> the temperatures are not helping anything. i think the rule of them now is if it is not wet and the surface is treated, it is's. the freezing rain and drizzle will be around tonight and
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overnight want to. it will be icy into tomorrow morning. they will be below freezing for your morning commute. take a look at the temperatures right now. mid 20s through the lehigh valley. in parts of chester county right now we have light snow moving in. 2 in wilmington. everyone is below freezing and that is not helping these conditions at all. what we're watching is an area of moisture around baltimore. the majority of what you see is sleet or freezing rain. most of our area could be seeing freezing drizzle but that is the main area i'm watching right now. temperatures again will be remaining below freezing as this does move in. that is one area that could continue to cause slick conditions. moving into chester county.
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we are looking at light snow here and some of this could be a wintery mix. this extends into new castle county. seeing freezing rain or sleet across the major interstates. 495, 95 we'll be seeing icy spots into sussex county. as we go through the overnight hours tonight, that moisture starts to move into parts of delaware and we'll continue to see that even early in the morning. we could see that hanging through parts of southern delaware for the early morning commute, and temperatures below freezing at 7:00 a.m. then tomorrow afternoon we will be on the dry side. wednesday afternoon also on the dry side. as we go into thursday that will be our next shot at a little
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snowfall and we will update that as we get closer. temperatures staying in the 20s, tomorrow icy spots early and otherwise we're going to stay breezy and cool. next chance of snow is thursday and possibly saturday. the spca in kent county is expected to resume dog adoptions tomorrow after a mysterious virus killed two dogs there. workers spent the day cleaning the center and veterinarians checked each dog here to make sure they were not infected as well. the sixers will unveil their new mascot tomorrow. it is a flurry new dog named franklin. you see little bits and pieces of him in this promo. he will be the third mascot in
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sixers history after hip hop retired four years ago and big shot who stepped down back in 1996. hopefully franklin will be good luck for the sixers, right, john? >> we have come a long way. will steve mason have surgery on his knee? the sixers making a splash, next.
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i'm john clark, what a great sixers game. michael carter williams out with a strained toe, and steven staal
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and daughter ringing the liberty bell. steph curry, but it is k.j. mcdaniels making a splash here. wow, off of the backboard to himself. huge hops for the 22-year-old. then the alley-opp.op. curry in a hurry. what about kj's birthday dunk? >> i told my little brother that i would do it for him so i went for it. >> i had to do something for my birthday. to go out and play with energy and electrify the crowd. >> he did that. two local coaching greats facing off tonight. the top two women's basketball teams in the country, accident
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uconn beat south carolina by 25 points. steve steve mason could be out awhile, he is having surgery on his knee to see what is wrong with it. it happened yesterday during the flyers win in wug high pressure he was casing he felt something in his knee right here. that is the third injury for him in the last seven weeks. ray emory will start tonight. the football world lost a pioneer. ed stable died at the age of 98. he founded nfl films. he revolutionized the way we watch football and all sports. steve died of brain cancer. ed sable was a true innovator.
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a final check on our breaking news in middlesex county. a deadly pileup involving more than 15 vehicles. several trucks a fully loaded bus, and multiple cars. at least one person is dead and 45 others are hurt. >> this pileup is in the southbound lanes near exit 8. all southbound lanes are closed right now. be sure to tune into nbc 10 starting at 4:00 a.m. for complete coverage on this new jersey turnpike. >> you have been talking about this for days with the temperatures below freezing. >> we're seeing that we're seeing the icy conditions here. the pink you see moving in and that is sleet or freezing rain and we're also seeing a little
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light now. what you see in baltimore is moving in this direction. by tomorrow morning i think we will still have icy spots around. >> we're on at 4:00 a.m. with the very latest. >> have a good evening, thank you for joining us and we'll see you again tomorrow.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jamie dornan hannah davis musical


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